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Having started his career as an investor, Eugene Milenkiy enjoyed a steady income until the Russian default of 1998. After losing everything, Milenkiy turned to creative work for the first time in his life and mastered the art of digital painting. He had plenty of free time and soul sufferings that were transforming into pictures, The Incredible Headache being among the first. Created at a peak of pain, it was a faithful reflection of the hopeless and desperate moment.

Art brought in no profits but helped achieve a comfort of the soul and a harmony with the world outside. One cannot live on air, though.So, having roamed through Russia and tried a dozen of professions from stoker to antiquarian, Eugene returned to the market that had recovered from the blow. The return was a success; the race for money was exciting again. Eugene gave up art and plunged into the ocean of financial speculations.

This is how it had been going on – slumps changing into rises, money flowing into assets and back again – until the global crisis. The rulers of the stock market proved to be but kings for a day – and lost everything once again. And so did Eugene.

His potential was not lost forever along with the monetary values, though. It just finally made its way from the financial sector into the world of art which is not subject to time and stock quotes. Eugene began to paint as never before. For art, to his own greatest surprise, became not just a hobby but a philosophy of his life.

We are doing our utmost for money, but money is just a medium we use to feel the beat of life. We practice extreme sports. We play at casino. We make risky financial operations. We drink energetic drinks or meditate. All this is for one goal – to feel emotions. To get a shot of adrenaline or sink into the ocean of absolute calm. To escape the reality. To feel the joy of life or our own importance. To feel our belonging with the world or uniqueness. To feel our own self.

But Milenkiy needs no medium. His pictures are bare emotions. Passion. Angst. Laughter. Love. Sorrow. Indifference. Success. Without taking alcohol or psychotropic substances, irrespective of how much your clothes cost or what your car brand is, Milenky’s art is what you have been waiting to get. Taking one and the same picture in, everybody will have a unique, personal experience. You don’t need to prove anything to anybody. Just step into the world of Eugene Milenkiy’s imagery and get emotions without any medium.

Art without media.

Life without media.